A Proof of the 1st Eight Pages

These are my preliminary eight pages of the first issue.  I specifically did these without dialog balloons and text to see if the sequence of images tell the story alone.  This was a good exercise for me to see where I need to improve the story visually.  Some standout observations.

  1. There are too many panels per page so I intend to rectify that in the pencil stage.  It is probably going to increase the page count.  If this spreads from eight to twelve pages it will be good.  If so I will have to retool my script which is currently 64 pages long for 40 page graphic novel.
  2. These were done all digitally with a Wacom tablet directly into a graphic art program.  I want more control over my lines so the next stage is pencil on Bristol boards.  Then I’ll scan them in to Ps and ink digitally.
  3. I want more definition in terms of how my characters look these are too generic.
  4. I want to include clearer visual transitions or connections from one page to the next page.   To my eye the story seems to jump around and not flow linearly.
  5. I  am exploring example of how to distort panel sequences of my characters’ memories, looking at my fav artists Dali, Kara Walker, Peter Chung (animator)
Additionally I’ll work on some prelim cover ideas for the first issue and post up my ideas as I narrow in on the one I want.  I plan to ink and color all my covers by by hand.  My plans for this story is very ambitious for one person so the interior pages will be pencil, then scanned, inked and colored on computer.
Whew!  Go me!

1 thought on “A Proof of the 1st Eight Pages”

  1. Dear Robin~

    Your work as an illustrator is just amazing! I see that you are a lot further along in your comic book career than I am. I’m a writer. I have this Sci~Fi novel I’m finishing called “The Black Mau Chronicles”. I wanted to do a comic book based on the characters from the book. I put out a teaser on my site as a lead in to the book. http://www.blog4tsotsm.wordpress.com

    I can write comic book scripts as well. If you are interested lets talk further. I’d like to know more about you and your experiences.


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