Retooling My Characters Part Two

Here is a gallery of some my preliminary digital sketch and coloring of the individual characters of Red Amygdala.  I had a few obvious actors in mind when constructing the story.  I’ve since fine tuned these characters and will post their final sketches soon.

Elaine Black & BFF Jaharia Aguido


Brief Description:

Elaine Black, a biomedical research scholar and Jaharia Aguido, a film studies major, are coed BFFs trapped for crimes they committed outside of Red Amygdala.





Miss E Morgan

Brief Description:

Miss E Morgan, another biomedical research scholar, conducted research in the same suite of labs, under the same mentor Dr. Diana Schlosser, as Elaine.  She is punished for her clandestine work with both Dr, Schlosser and Elaine’s estranged mother, Helen Black a noted Pharmacologist.  

She reminds me of the actress Ruth Wilson.



Anwar Salahuddin

Brief Description:

Anwar Salhuddin, He refused the ‘call to covenant’. His parents died when he was ten years old.  They were killed by his older brother Wesley.  He founded and ran “The Prescription” an anti-feminist podcast.  His online rants trigger a series of serial killings of which Anwar was the prime suspect.

The sketch on the left was done digitally with Sketchbook Pro.  The sketch on the right was an initial idea.  Anwar reminds me of the actor Isaiah Washington.


Henry Booker

Brief Description:

Henry Booker, a ten year old boy, is sent to Red Amygdala for dereliction of duty, he didn’t adequately guard a graphic novel.

I’d be pissed off too if that breach netted me jail time.



Social Workers:  Agent Black & Agent Red

Brief Description:

Guilty of Misconduct, Agent Black, is sent to the Citadel to redeem himself.  He is secretive; logical; paranoid; conservative; Asexual (dislikes both women and men)


Agent Red reluctantly accompanies Agent Black to ensure that Agent Black fails his mission.


The Warden:  The Steward

Brief Description:

The Steward, is an old timer inmate and the “elected” warden of the Citadel prison inside Red Amygdala.

I want him to look less freaky and be much older.  Morgan Freedman older.



The Screws:  The Controllers

Brief Description:

The Controllers are the militia, or men with pointy sticks that “police” the Citadel.  

They look too much like Maori warriors here so I tweaked them some more.  I admit being highly influenced bu Asian imagery for these characters.

The Inmates:  Series 18 and Series 15

Brief Descritpion:

The Series 18 Inmates (left) are bald, fragile looking but dangerous.  They are religious.

The Series 15 inmates (group on right) are muscular but not as freakishly muscular as the Controllers and hedonistic.


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