Cover Art, Robotics, Robot Motion Planning and Lots of Scanning!

The line art for the entire book is completely inked.  Scanning in Ps now.  And scanning.  And scanning.  Seemingly endless work!

I’ll clean up the line art and color in Ps then pull all my files into Manga Studio for assembly.  I wonder if I could have skipped Ps and done everything in Manga Studio?  Perhaps next time.

I’ve been working on some ideas for the cover (front and back)  Here are my initial sketches done on an iPad 2 using the Adobe Ideas App:


Next I thought of some ideas on the line art for the cover.  Since there are three female character I thought they should be on the cover in some form.  For some reason the campy Charlie’s Angels TV show popped into my head.  Thank goodness I scrapped these ideas:



I liked the idea of the large mask in the background of the above sketch.  I presented this and my final sketch to Chris our instructor at SVA and our guest lecture Paul Hoppe.  They both gave me good advice about making the cover iconic yet simple.

Love their work!

Check it Paul’s amazing work:

Here is CM’s amazing work:

They both work on the Rabid Rabbit Anthology.  Check that out as well:

So I settled on this idea:


Then I fine tuned it on my iPad2 using the Upad note taking app.


Now as for the free online Stanford/Google Artificial Intelligence course:  I’m eager to start learning the basics about Robotics from Professor Thrun. This is the next to last set of lectures!  Enjoying the Ai class so far but it is a lot of work!  I will weave some of the science and mathematical concepts learned into my graphic novel story.

Later this week I’ll post the final line art of my characters!

One more week and I should have the final twelve page graphic mini ready for both print and pdf!


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