I submitted a screenplay entitled THE APP to numerous festivals. It was rejected by each and every one of them. I got the last rejection today. Bummer.

Since I didn’t pay additional fees for script analysis, I have to assume the subject matter of THE APP  wasn’t marketable, among other issues.

However, I enjoyed writing this story. I enjoyed discovering the world of these characters, many of whom I’ve never seen on any screens, large or small.

I want others to see it!

Since screenplays are so rigidly formatted and a bit off-putting to the general public as reading material, I intend to convert THE APP into a graphic novel.

Before any screenplay becomes visual it is storyboarded: where all the scenes are sketched out and blocked for the best composition. I’ve done that before for my short animations which are so cringeworthy, they shall never see the light of day! Smile.

I invite any who follow this obscure blog to join me here as I develop the characters of THE APP, sketch their world and tell their story visually. As I render each scene, I’ll post both the original script pages, the idea sketches, final ink and color for comparison.

THE APP is about a modern day Prometheus, OCTAVIA WILSON, a fifty year old domestic worker, who creates a revolutionary mobile app which changes her city: for better or worse. The overall theme of THE APP is the individual versus society. It is an urban science fiction lite, What if…

So in a week I shall post the character bios and the initial sketches of each of the characters. Until then…


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