Some Prelim Character Sketches for the Graphic Novel THE APP


Role in Story: Main Character

Occupation: Nanny / Domestic / Indie Computer Programmer

Physical Description: BLACK: Female; 53 years old; tall; Salt and Pepper Afro; dresses artistically(?)

Background: Never married straight; works as a nanny / domestic servant for a wealthy white family (the husband is a CFO of a successful international hedge fund) the wife is a lawyer on sabbatical from her law firm, who has one autistic daughter.

Octavia takes MOOC classes to learn many different things she never finished college because she stopped to be a mother.

Internal Conflicts: She has a contentious relationship with her only child, her adult son Isaiah, who hates that his mother had an illicit affair with his father, who was a married man.

Below are some prelim sketch ideas of this character in pencil (HB):

Below are more polished ideas getting closer to Octavia’s look. Will work on making her look more consistent. Think she should be a bit heavier (fuller hips and breast than a younger woman):


Role in Story: Octavia’s Son

Occupation: Bicycle Messenger

Physical Description: BLACK: Male; 30 years old; muscular; tall; wears biking clothes / sports clothes

Personality: Arrogant; Unforgiving; Easily Offended; Easily Angered; Inpatient; Straight;

Background: Isaiah is college educated (he has a PhD in Philosophy). With his mother’s support and encouragement, he created work for himself as an independent courier for various clients around the city which he get to via bicycle. Octavia brought him his high tech bike and developed a client base for him through her domestic work.

Internal Conflicts: He is angry with his mother for having an affair with a married man, his father, Thomas. When Octavia was pregnant with Isaiah, Thomas broke off the affair, returning to his family and refused to acknowledge Isaiah as his son.


Prelim Ideas of Isaiah:

Isaiah Prelim Sketch ideas


Role in Story: Main Character: Octavia’s BFF and Business Partner

Occupation: Domestic / Indie Tech Marketer

Physical Description: BLACK: Female; 35 years old; Healthy; Dresses Neatly; Attractive;

Background: Zariah was an orphan raised in through child services, who successfully navigated it without allowing herself to be dragged down into the negative social pathologies that surround children raised by the government. She took an online course to obtain an MBA in Marketing from a No-Name Degree Mill. Zariah is always creating get rich schemes.

Zariah is a domestic worker for an elderly bed ridden wealthy man with a dog in the same luxury building where Octavia works.

Internal Conflicts: Dislikes racism and negative thinking.

Zariah Mills Prelim Sketch Ideas

I like the facial of her on the lower right. Will work on that composition.

The other characters are  briefly listed here:

EDWARD FRANCIS MORRIS (Supporting Character): Zariah’s Employer / Mentor

ARTEMIS (Supporting Character): Edward’s Pet Companion

BRIAN WALTER (Supporting Character) Zoe’s Father / Octavia’s Employer

MELANIE WALTER (Supporting Character): Zoe’s Mother / Octavia’s Employer

ZOE WALTER (Supporting Character): Octavia’s Charge

JAYDEN (Antagonistic Character): Hacker Member of the ANTI SJW SQUAD

RAURY “BYTEjerk” ROMAN (Mutable Character): Hacker Member of the ANTI SJW SQUAD

COOPER (Antagonistic Character): Leader of the ANTI SJW SQUAD

IRA MARTINEZ (Antagonistic Character): Police Commissioner

RIGHT REVEREND WILLIAM SMALLS (Antagonistic Character): A professional political provocateur and former poverty pimp. Mentor of SOCIAL JUSTICE PROTESTORS

ADRIAN OBA (Supporting Character): Popular Technology Reporter on TV Talk Show





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