Everett Lloyd Deane

Everett Lloyd Deane ELD Writingis a speculative fiction writer of graphic novels, novels, short stories and screenplays.



Books Published:

Regifting the Negatives 

Have you ever received a questionable gift from someone that was more about what they desired for themselves and less about what you needed or really wanted? All you could think of was: How do I gracefully return this? This is a story of two unique women who navigate the tricky process of re-gifting the negatives.


Dreaming in the Pit 

Three woman: one dark destiny. Karima Jenkins: high school dropout; landlord; retired assassin; Troy Ocasio Lui: independent business woman; best friend; former mob boss and Sienna Ruth Joffe: math major; public high school teacher; lesbian; victim. Will they survive the specter that awaits them with fortitude and sincerity, in a city dreaming in the pit?



Email: deane.everett219@gmail.com