2011 is quickly coming to an end.

If you believe in conspiracy theories so is the world.  However, all this plays out, “it’s all good” for getting motivated to finish those things we’ve started and start new ones.

Here, finishing those tasks I promised, are the first three pages of the teaser:

B/W Pages

Red Amygdala mini teaser pages (B/W)

Full Color Pages 

Red Amygdala mini teaser pages (C)

My best friend Starr often says “Make it do what it do!”  There is so much more to do to prepare for 2012!

In April there is the MOCCA Comic Con to go to during the last week of April 2012.  While I probably won’t be ready to have my own table I will bring free issues of the teaser with me and a few copies of the first issue for interested readers.  Stumptown Comic Con, in Portland, Oregon will be held at the same time.

I want to attend Stumptown in 2013 but I’d rather not skip the most independent comic conference in my hometown!

I finished my answers to the final for the online Artificial Intelligence class.  It took me a day from Thursday to Saturday in the wee hours of the morning to complete it because I wanted to review all the material, even topics which were not on the exam, while taking it.

This free online class has been an amazing experience I learned more about myself than I did about Artificial Intelligence and I know quite a bit about the subject now.  So much so it isn’t difficult to read scholarly journal articles on the subject.  I’m currently reading Sebastian Thrun’s article on Particle Filters.  It was a frustrating, logical, emotional, liberating, lonely, thrilling, exhausting, “solitude in the mountains” zen like ride that I’d do again without any hesitation.  There was no pressure of needing this class as a requirement to move forward whatever “forward” means to those nameless souls who define it, no pressure in having to compete with others.

Just me, my curiosity and bravery and the compassion of two amazing professors who wanted to share, without restriction, their passion for their livelihood with the world.  They achieved this goal with the aegis of both Stanford University and Google and the process propelled me out of this world into one I never imagined existed.

Dorothy, Alice, and all iconic female heroines real and imagined, past present and yet to be realized should all be “Wicked Witch” green with envy.  Gassho with a big “Kool Ade” smile.  Does anyone even drink that stuff anymore????

Someone immediately said he thought the AI online final was easy an hour after the exam was posted online.  Whatever [complete with eye roll].